Making Moves

By Zig Orzech

Opportunities are endless, especially in a city like San Francisco.

To start off the Lean Startup Conference 2016, we headed over to the Hyatt and listened to 14 speeches in under 90 minutes called Ignite Talks.

I walked into the conference, got my name tag, and noticed that my name was spelled wrong. I saw an opportunity. I went up the guy with the kiosk machine and told him what was wrong. One thing led to another and I ended up with the gold pass (which I would like to inform is $3000). You have to go after opportunity because you never know what is going to come from it. My energy is on fire, never let an opportunity pass you by. San Francisco has taught me to seize the moment and that’s exactly what I have been doing.

All of the speeches at the Ignite Talk were beneficial to my life in some way. By the end of the night, my pockets were filled with all the business cards I collected and contacts I gained.

I can’t wait for the conference to continue and see what other opportunities are out there!

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