Let the Networking Begin

By Nicolette Emelianov

For me, the experience is key. I learn more from experience and hands-on learning than reading a book and memorizing. The Lean Startup Conference is the perfect place to grow, become someone bigger, and learn from successful people! Ignite Talks was such a great event to warm everyone up. When I first arrived I was very nervous, but after talking to someone for the first time, I was ready to network. I met a woman who gave me awesome suggestions on an event management job in San Francisco. Later that evening I spoke to a man who also mentioned he knew people in the company and would gladly connect me… talk about coincidence?

Hearing all of the speakers was another wonderful part of the experience. I enjoyed all of them but the ones that stuck out to me the most were Charu Nair, Nicole Shepard, and Lynn Johnson. Charu Nair made the point, “don’t create a process, create a movement.” Chaur Nair had a lot of really great points and she stood out because she made me think and do. At the end of her presentation, she asked everyone to turn to the people next to us and say “I love your story & I admire it, whatever it is!” That is such an amazing mindset to have and it really creates an opportunity to open up to people and accept everyone.

Nicole Shepard was a great speaker and utilized her sense of humor. She kept me interested the whole time and I took away some great points from her speech: “doing is what creates change” and “set aside time to talk about your goals.” I will definitely use these points to keep myself motivated. I sometimes forget that I need to actually take action and do something to create change, instead of sitting around and thinking about it. Fortunately, there’s no better place to be for change than San Francisco!

Lynn Johnson is the founder and CEO of spotlight girls. Her company strives to motivate and empower young girls. Their culture code is “I am ready for anything and say yes.” Her passion was inspiring and I love the idea of her company!

After writing about these last 3 speakers, I noticed that they all had something in common. They were all very powerful and motivating women who have a passion for something and want to make a change. That was important for me to see in action because I don’t believe in doing something without passion for it. I hope to soon make a change as well and to be an influence on others. I am very grateful to be here. Let the networking begin!

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