San Fran Recap

By Anna Giordano

The Lean Startup conference that I attended was way more than just a networking event where I was expanding my knowledge of entrepreneurship. Through this experience, I was able to build relationships greater than just in the business area. This taught me that when it comes to networking look more into just building a business relationship because the outcome can be a relationship much larger than expected. This conference really opened my eyes to a wider variety of people who I would have never expected to become friends with. The group of people that I went to this event with started to become very close friends of mine. Before this trip, I did not know any of these colleagues.  We had such a diverse group of students that even some of the attendees from the event noticed us. We all did some incredible work and went out of our comfort zone for this experience.

Before attending the event I didn’t know exactly what to expect but looking back it was better than what I imagined it to be. I’m a social butterfly which is precisely the type of person you need to be in order to thrive in a city like San Francisco.

We have been preparing a lot for this trip, from reading material to researching online to reading more material. One of the books we had to read was by Eric Reis, the one who started the Lean Startup. Knowing I was attending his event, it was one of my goals to have a 30-minute conversation with this man. And you know what, I did! The first night we were able to go I saw Eric walk in and when he had a free minute I went up to him to introduce our Western Michigan University team and myself. He was very kind and was all about taking a selfie with me.

All of the speakers and mentors taught me some valid information that I will bring back to my daily life and use in my future.


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