Experiential Learning

By McKayla Marcola

The Lean startup Conference has concluded and the WMU-e²Team is in back in Kalamazoo, so the question is asked, “What is the biggest “Learning” from this trip?”

My biggest “aha” from this week is that I learned more in the past week about entrepreneurship, business, and life then I would have sitting in class.

With every travel experience, you learn something new but this trip was different. This trip allowed me to have real conversations with startups about their success and their struggles. I was able to talk with the CEO and founder of the Lean startup conference, Eric Ries, who is not only worth millions but who also, wrote the rules on how to create a startup. Eric Ries now knows about Western Michigan University and its entrepreneurship program.

Our team was also able to meet with alumni and speak with them about the University and their experiences. Those Alumni were able to create a connection and teach us lessons about what life was like after WMU. I learned so much from the Alumni about what things are important after college. It was also nice to hear that after college the alumni did fail for a bit but they were able to recover and become successful today. My biggest fear is failing and never making it in the world. After an hour with talking with alumni my fears were put to rest.

I can say full confidence that missing a week of classes was well with the experience I was able to gain from traveling to San Francisco.

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