Invest in Yourself

By Devin Merz

“Invest in yourself,” the best advice I didn’t even know I needed.

We were riding an hour and a half across California stuffed into a Prius and discussing our experience over the past few days. We just wrapped up our last company visit and were sharing what companies we enjoyed the most and our biggest takeaways from them. This conversation soon spiraled into each of our future plans and aspirations for our lives then turned into an inspirational lesson.

We went back and forth sharing advice on how we thought one another could achieve those goals, exchanging words of wisdom and lifestyles some of us live by to help us reach success. We often say “someday” when talking about our dreams and future plans, but when is that someday? What can you do today to get you where you hope to be sooner? If we invest in ourselves today, we can create the future we want to have and design that life we want to live. Why would we waste precious time doing absolutely nothing, when we could be productive and learn something new that will allow us to reap the rewards as we continue down our career paths and lives.

The simple words “invest in yourself,” had me thinking about what I do now to benefit my future and what I do with my time. Instead of wasting it doing nothing and procrastinating, why don’t I watch podcasts or read about a new skill I can use in my professional pursuits? Why don’t I go and talk to people, ask questions and try to learn from those that have already been there? I realized all this wasted time can be used to invest in myself and create that better “someday” I always refer to. Yourself is the best thing you can waste your time on.

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