Making it Happen @ The Lean Startup Conference 17

By Team 2017 Member

Opportunity is Everything! When presented with an opportunity to volunteer, you may be asked to complete tasks that seem less than fulfilling, like moving cases of water or directing people to the bathroom. During even these times, however, you are being given the opportunity to make a difference in your own life; find a way.

Charmaine Ho, and others from the Lean Startup Conference welcomed us with open arms as we volunteered our time, helping to make the conference run smoothly. In return for our volunteer hours, we were granted access to the rest of the 2-day conference for free.

Making a situation great is about what you put into it. Through this opportunity to volunteer, I was able to meet Alex Osterwalder and be given real-life advice from him. I was able to get Eric Ries to personally sign his new book for our professor, Barcley Johnson, and I got to sit next to a professor from INSEAD during a networking dinner. Without the volunteer opportunity, I would not have had the chance to do any of these things.

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