Without Passion, What Do You Have?

By Team 2017 Member

What a busy week. Between visiting 10 startups in 2 days, attending the Lean Startup Conference on Thursday and Friday, and networking with Western Michigan University Alumni, our week flew by. Now as I look back on my experience in Silicon Valley, I am forever grateful for the busy schedule. It granted me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in work and entrepreneurship, and it gave me the chance to grow as a person.

GameGolf was one of the companies we visited while in the valley, and it is the one business that hit home for me. CEO John McGuire changed me with his words and story of how he got to be where he is today. He came to the US from Ireland with no money and no plan, but he had a dream. He did not know where he was going to sleep the night he arrived, but he knew he needed to come to America to make his dream and vision happen for himself and his family he left behind in Ireland. When he tells this story, you can see the smile on his face because while he did not know what he was doing, he had the passion to go for it.

Hearing his background, I took away that you do not need everything in the world to become a success. You need a passion for what you are doing and the rest will fall into place, so long as you take your passion and let it lead you. Money, family, and plans do not guarantee that you are going to succeed in the world, but passion fuels your fire that helps boost you to achieve your dreams and goals. John left an impression on my personal and professional life. Whenever you are passionate about something, let it lead you. Do not let the monetary aspects or the planning aspects of life overtake your drive. Go for what you want when you have a burning passion for it!

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