A WMU Geography Major in Silicon Valley?

By Ariana Echols

“You don’t have to know the details, just understand the business and what they are striving for.” Aaron Williams (MapD)

Before this trip to Silicon Valley, I never expected to be able to intellectually connect my major in Geography with the needs of startup companies. After meeting the companies MapBox, MapD and Orbital Insight, however, it happened.

The truth is, a large portion of us choose a major based on limited information. That major later turns to the degree we gain when we graduate and what we then put on our resume. The opportunities in tech are much wider than many individuals realize, particularly if students begin thinking about all the non-technical needs that fast-growing startups face. Positions in project management, sales, marketing, design team, recruitment, etc. are all needed by startups and do not require a tech degree.

Your major HELPS you build the skills that you can see yourself utilizing, but does not decide the path you may take down the road. If you have experience and passion, you can thrive in a startup.

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