Culture Matters

By Kaitlyn Welgos

While in California, our group met with nine different companies. These companies showed many different aspects of entrepreneurship in technology. They taught that if you have an idea and a passion for your idea, it can be made possible. While there may be failures along the way, if your idea is something that you are truly passionate about, it will happen. This really reignited within me that there should be a goal. No matter what point in life you are at, you should have a goal for what you want to make of it. Right now, as a senior in college, it is my goal to graduate. Having this goal will push me to find my passion for work in my future.

I also learned from these companies that the culture of the startups drive the business. Some of the companies that we went to had a serious atmosphere. Their culture was to work hard and have a serious mentality. Other companies had a more relaxed culture of work hard and play harder. These companies had fun activities going on in the office while we were there.

It was awesome to experience the different work cultures. It gave me an idea of the type of environment I’m looking for in my career. I am happy that I experienced this before actually going into the workforce, because it will be a key for me to use when finding a business I fit well with. From these companies, I have experientially learned a lot about myself, things that will improve my professional self and my future that I could not have learned from a classroom setting.

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