Eco Sustainability and its Place in a Startup

By McKayla Marcola

Juice Beauty, an innovator in sustainability and environmental responsibility, is a company found by Bronco Alumni Karen Behnke. Juice Beauty truly understands what it means to be environmentally conscious. Their organic products and sustainable headquarters are truly ahead of its time in green innovation. From how they make their product, to their headquarters, they set a positive example for all businesses.

Juice Beauty is an environmentally responsible cosmetic and hair product company whose values are those to be modeled after. They believe in doing their part for the security of the safety of the environment. Their products don’t include harmful chemicals like silicon, which is not only harmful to human skin but also the environment. Their products ingredients include only all organic ingredients. This list includes rose petals, apple, shea butter, etc. Even Juice Beauty headquarters is built with only reusable and sustainable material that won’t leave a negative impact on the environment.

Juice Beauty truly is ahead of its time when it comes to creating a positive impact on the environment. Their founder, Western Michigan Alumni Karen Behnke, and the rest of the companies 50 employees are all extremely dedicated and believe in their mission.

“At Juice Beauty we believe in advanced beauty solutions that harness the best of certified organic ingredients to deliver clinically validated skin care and vibrant plant-pigment makeup that provide beautiful results, enrich your well-being, and sustain the Earth.”- Karen Behnke, founder

Needless to say, this Bronco Alumna is paving the way for green innovation and eco-sustainability and responsibility

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