I See Opportunity Everywhere

By Loai Maddah

Being in San Francisco for 5 days, I noticed that people will not judge you by your color or where you are from. The only thing they care about is your mind and what you bring to the table!

We visited many great companies such as Mapd, MapBox, August Lock, Game Golf, Primer.ai, I.Q.T., DIUX, Google Ventures, & Orbital Insights. All of these companies are diverse. They have employees from all over the world. These companies all proved that if you want your company to succeed, you need to have many different cultures and languages in one place.

People in the Valley and Bay Area are so open-minded and willing to hear new ideas. I went to a networking dinner arranged by the Lean Startup Conference Thursday night and I was the youngest & poorest, yet, everyone was willing to talk and engage with me. In five days I had the opportunity to converse with over 60 people in the startup and tech community, many either have their own company or were “C” level. All week, I just kept telling myself “wow these people are awesome!”

I really enjoyed the San Francisco mindset on inclusion and I know it is the right place for me to explore future potential opportunities.

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