Amazon’s Andon Cord

By Kayla Briggs

Amazon is very customer oriented. Almost everything that they do is focused around customer needs and wants, but how do they continue to keep their customers happy? Amazon has integrated the “Andon Cord” concept, which allows Amazon to better their customer experience even more; by simply giving more power to employees, Amazon is able to eliminate problems before they happen.

So what does the term Andon Cord mean and where did it come from? Andon Cord essentially empowers employees to discover problems, take action, and stop further error from happening. The term originates from car companies; above manufacturing lines hangs a literal Andon Cord. If a worker realizes there is a defect in a part, they can pull this cord and fix the error before more time and energy is put into a defective part. Amazon uses the Andon Cord concept theoretically. If a customer service representative notices a lot of bad reviews or abnormal amount of complaints about a product, they have the ability to pull the theoretical Andon Cord, meaning that they can completely take down an item from their website that has been having negative feedback. Amazon then comes to the rescue, identifies the problem, creates a solution, and then puts the item back on the market. Amazon has given their employees a lot of power, this forms trust between the employees and Amazon which then creates a better user experience for the consumers.

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