Get Nervous, Get Curious

By Team 2018 Member

Nervousness is not a feeling most people seek and often try to escape as soon as possible. Yet after the visit to Amazon and hearing from WMU alum Stefan Haney, I find myself wishing to immerse myself in situations where I will be nervous. Why? Because when you get nervous, you get curious and this often leads to the best learning experiences. If you’re not nervous, do you really care enough about what you’re doing? Being nervous and taking risks allows you to fail and fail quickly so that you can continuously learn and grow in your career. Failing in the best sense where you no longer allowed ideas to be gate keepers and took a chance to try something new, in the start-up world failing is a great thing.
In the workplace there is an encouragement of competition of ideas, where multiple people are working to solve one problem and if you both come up with the same idea, great. You can get it done twice as quickly and are incentivized to figure it out sooner. When you enjoy what you do you begin measuring how close you are to reaching your goals opposed to how many hours you put in. This goes right into the transition from work life balance, to the new notion of work life harmony. That you no longer need to compartmentalize them, your work should complement your home life and your home life should enable you to compliment your work life.

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