Microsoft – Improving Technology & Leaders

By Kayla Briggs

After visiting Microsoft and hearing Sal Mosca speak about Microsoft and his thoughts on what it means to be a leader my overall perspective of Microsoft has changed for the better. It was interesting to hear about the internal development and digital transformations that are taking place at the company but I also realized that a lot of things that Microsoft values I value as well.

The top three things Microsoft looks for in a leader is an individual’s ability to:

  • Create clarity
  • Generate energy
  • Deliver success

I couldn’t sum-up a leader any better than this. To be able to clearly explain your goals and ideas to others opens an endless amount of possibility; it allows you to set goals and make progress in a shorter amount of time. I can only imagine the amount of time some companies waste on projects because the instructions and overall goals were not clearly communicated. Generating energy means to have the ability to be positive and make others around you feel the same way; having a culture like this in an organization is what makes the impossible, possible. Lastly, when you deliver success you show your ability to put your mind to a project and complete it, which Microsoft refers to as your “say-do-ratio”. Microsoft’s leadership views are spot-on and hiring people that meet these standards is why Microsoft is where it is today.

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