Neko A Cat Café

By Kayla Briggs

Neko A Cat Café in Seattle, Washington will leave you feline good. This small space is owned by Cory James, an entrepreneur working to find harmony between business and cats. The name of the café “Neko” originates from the Japanese translation of “cat”. While in Japan, Cory and his wife were enamored by the amount of cat cafes that were available; the couple regularly visited the cafes because they were missing their large Norwegian Forest cat back in the United States. Upon returning to the USA they realized that this unique experience needed to be shared with the people here. After three years of talking to investors, they were able to open Neko A Cat Café. They have currently been open for 4 months and are planning to open a second location as well. They are 1 of 30 cat cafes in America. Cory has about 12 employees that help take care of the cats and the café.

Upon entering the café there is a glass wall that separates the purrty kitties from the bar area. You can order a furriety of cat inspired treats and after paying a small fee/signing a waiver you are able to enter the cat coop and play with kitties! There were about ten cats in the room, multiple toys, beds, and objects to jump on. The space definitely had a modern feel with lots of feline inspired decor. Within the room were adoptable and permanent cats. Having permanent cats helps the new cats, taken from the shelter, adapt to their temporary home smoothly. Anyone with a good home can adopt the adoptable cats. Neko A Cat Café’s mission is to find fur-ever homes for these pawsome felines. Because of Cory’s cat-itarian efforts, the amount of cats euthanized has gone from 50% to 6% within the area. That’s MEOWtrageous! He adopts all his cats from the local shelter and focuses on taking the sicker ones that the shelter has a hard time taking care of. Cats off to you Corey!

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