Proud to be a Bronco! (Microsoft)

By Team 2018 Member

“Everyone puts their pants on the same way.” Hearing Sal Mosca Sr Director of IT & operations at Microsoft and a proud alumni of Western Michigan University, tell his story of the challenges he faced not graduating from an Ivy League University.

Moving up between two companies Microsoft and Ford Motor Company, his Alma Mater has been quested on rather or not he qualifies to complete tasks at the senior level. Accepting those challenges, Mosca is now leading a global team that is accountable for the processing of 2/3 of Microsoft total annual revenue providing a range of services including allowing channel partners to manage license agreements, software downloads and product keys.  Where you go is not who you will be, It doesn’t matter what college you attend. College alone doesn’t make a successful graduate, but someone with ambition and intellect to succeed in their company makes all of the differences.

Question to ask yourself…

  1. Are you creating a positive brand/impression?
  2. Are you making the most of each interaction?
  3. Do you listen? Are you curious and try to learn from others?
  4. Do you have a solid network with good relationships in place?

At the end of the day, experience is what company wants to see most. They want to see dedication (did you complete college?), skills (did you an internships or were you involved?), and proof of your work.

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