Sustainable Seattle

By Team 2018 Member

Upon arriving in Seattle, I was surprised at how sunny and sustainable the environment was. I noticed immediately the desire to be an eco-friendly city as there were always compost, recycling and trash bins to help eliminate and clean waste. Many people walked and there were bicycle rental systems that enabled people to save fuels and be active by riding a bike instead of taking a car. The pace of the city was slow and steady and friendly faces smiled as you walked through the Pikes Place Market. I also noticed the presence of Amazon in the community and the areas in which they are implementing processes to better the lives and welfare of those who live there. Amazon has a banana stand where they pass out free bananas to anyone who walks by to provide a healthy snack to the community. The spheres are supporting numerous plant species and provide a unique place for employees to work. Another notable place was the Amazon Go store where artificial intelligence changes the grocery shopping game.


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