The LimeBike

By Team 2018 Member

My most favorite memory of my last 24 hours in the city was using LimeBike.

LimeBike’s Purpose: “eliminating docking stations by providing a flexible system of bikes that can go anywhere. We provide enough bikes so there’s always a bike nearby.”

It was the coolest social technological innovation I have ever experienced this far in my lifetime. There are lime green bikes scattered all over the city of Seattle. A customer downloads the platform’s app, submits their credit card information, and can walk up to any LimeBike, scan a barcode and that bike is now theirs to use freely. The app has GPS tracking on all the sturdy made bikes to show you easily on your phone where to locate the nearest LimeBike. Oh, and it’s only $1 for 30 minutes and if you don’t use the entire time… they don’t charge you. This is what Western Michigan University needs. What a neat way to absorb the power of what technology is becoming in society on my entrepreneurial expedition.

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