Thoughts Before the Trip

Meghan Burt

On this trip, I am really hoping to gain perspective. I have not traveled around the United States other than to Ohio and Florida, and I have definitely not been able to experience working environments anywhere other than the Midwest. I am excited to see the tech startups we are going to visit in Silicon Valley, particularly the different cultures of the work environments. I think it is important to learn from these companies because this area of the world is at the top for innovation. At the least, I hope I can learn some skills on what they are doing to make this area so open to new ideas and rid people of the fear of failure.
While I am not sure if I would want to move out to California, I am definitely open to the idea. I think a big scare for me is the rumors of the high cost of living and being so far from family. However, I have also heard there is a buzz of excitement and energy around the West coast that makes the negatives irrelevant. Even if I decide this area is not for me I think it is still incredibly important to learn about and mimic the environment of the valley. As college students in the Midwest, we should be learning skills and applying them back home to make Michigan and other Midwestern states new hubs of entrepreneurship.

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