A New Way of Thinking

Meghan Burt

I got to experience several companies throughout the Silicon Valley California area. These tech startups were all high energy, high stakes and buzzing with opportunity. The most interesting part of this experience was seeing how many avenues my Industrial engineering degree could take in this atmosphere. Several of the employees giving us tours mentioned how educational background was not seen as a limitation, and that there were even people without college educations who were successful in startups. In my opinion, this is such a fresh and invigorating way to view people and their education. I love that here in Silicon Valley people are not limited by their education, status or money. I think the diversity this attitude attracts is what makes this area the innovation capital of the world.
Learning about the opportunity at these companies makes me feel so much less pressure to fit into the box I was confining myself to. Before today, I always imagined my first job as a manufacturing or quality engineer on a production line. I am so thankful I was able to be immersed in this truly unique work environment. After this opportunity, I can see myself doing whatever makes me happy with my degree, rather than what I thought I needed to do.

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