Emily Matthews

When I hear about an office or “behind the desk” job I immediately think “Wow. That has to be depressing”. I picture gray walls, a boring boss, trapped in a cubicle, and literally having no fun. It sounds like the last thing I would want to be doing with my life. But that is not the case here in San Francisco at startup companies. They are anything but depressing.
The first Company we visited clearly wasn’t your typical office. This environment not only has well-stocked and a decorated kitchen but ping pong tables and video games! This is not something I’m used to seeing back home but clearly was good for the employees considering how well the company has progressed. It showed that life at the office was more than just a job to them but a community.
Not only do these companies look fun to work at but they actually made work enjoyable. It was clear these companies cared for their employees and gave them resources to not only feel comfortable with who they are but also be able to care for themselves. At mesosphere, they had unisex bathrooms, mother’s rooms, and a meditation room. To me these features were outstanding because it shows you as an employee are more than just a number but a person and your boss cares. An environment with positive attitudes and eager energy can lead to a very successful community and these startup companies like Pirmer.ai and Mesosphere are a perfect example. I fell in love with every single office we walked into and couldn’t believe how enjoyable it must be to work in a space with these features. San Francisco really knows how to work in style.

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