Megan Gesler

My favorite company visit on the 2018 San Francisco trip was our first visit which was to is a new startup that is using artificial intelligence to create summaries. These summaries are based on all the articles available on a specific subject that you are researching. This way you get all of the data, rather than the data from just the articles you can read, meaning that you won’t miss a thing. The three main industries they catered to were the government, financial services, and retail.

Not only did we learn a lot about the company but Anna Saplitski focused half of her time telling us about what it’s like to work at a startup, how to pick a good startup, and what it’s like living in San Francisco. She didn’t sugar coat it either, we learned the harsh reality of living with up to 6 roommates just to be able to make rent. Some of their best advice included picking a startup that has been around for at least one year, and has top venture capitalist money. One that has a good team, that you feel you could learn a lot from, and has a founder that has been through it before. You can find these companies my checking top venture capitalists funding’s or finding a good recruiter.

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