Maisie Blaukamp

While in San Francisco, the TechNext team had the pleasure of visiting and learning from multiple different companies. Each company was extremely different from the next, and each enhanced our experiential learning trip tremendously. My personal favorite company that we got to visit was Orbital Insight. At Orbital Insight, the Chief Development Officer, Dave Story, taught us not only about the company, but also about life in San Francisco and working at a startup.
Orbital Insight is a geospatial big data company which helps to scale societal and economic trends. The company has technologies that can track vehicle movement and traffic and use satellite imaging in general to interpret meaningful conclusions about the data shown.
I was most interested in Orbital Insight not only because of their innovative techniques and goal-oriented atmosphere, but also because they are a truly genuine company. While talking to Dave Story, he told us not only the glamorous side of a start-up, but also every hardship, business-wise and personally. He gave us a realistic preview of what it’s like to be in San Francisco and work in a start-up, and I felt as though that made the company feel much more inviting.

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