Megan Gesler

Working at a big company like Apple or Google is a secure way to make money and have a career. There is little risk involved with working at a big established company like these ones. Big companies don’t take hires as a huge deal, as you are only a drop in a bucket of water. Coming from a larger company gives you a smaller skillset, as opposed to working at a startup. At a startup you will learn the most, since there are fewer of you, you are required to widen your skillset, and do more for your company.

In order to get a startups attention you have to be engaged in what they are doing. Do your research before interviewing with a startup, because they appreciate that, and you are more likely to be hired. Anna Saplitski from Primer said that when she interned with google, she coded the whole summer and she never felt like she made any impact. At Primer she felt like she made a huge difference, and she saw the results of what she was doing. If you want to make a difference then a startup is the place for you.


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