McKayla Marcola

I have been apart of the Technext team since fall 2017. Since then I have traveled to San Francisco, Seattle, and back to San Francisco with the team and let me tell you what a privilege it has been. In the spring of 2017 I took a beginning level entrepreneurship class just to full fill a credit I needed to graduate and by the end of the class I was invited to go on a once in a life time adventure. I think back to who I was before this trip, then who I am now and it is a night and day difference. This trip changed my view of success and helped shape my career path. I owe a lot to this team and the professor, alumni, and student leader who put helped make everything possible. Thank you for seeing my uniqueness and inviting me on this experience. Thank you for understanding who I am as a student and for changing the way you taught to fit my learning style. Lastly thank you for teaching me that its okay to fail and to not have it all figured out right away. When I’m 50 years old and I think back on my college days I will think back to this trip and I will remember all the laughs, and memories I made but I will never forget that I am who I am because of what the Technext team and trips taught me. I cant thank you enough for this experience, I hope to make everyone proud of their Technext team alumni one day.

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