First Impression of San Francisco

Alexis Lenderman

When I first arrived in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but compare it to New York City with its fast pace feel but yet it was different. After visiting with a few companies and meeting with individuals who work in San Francisco, I understood juts how different life here was compared to elsewhere (especially Michigan). The work style is incomparable where people tend to make their own schedules because it’s not about the face-time in the office, it’s more about output. Also, I really appreciated the fact that job descriptions are flexible because you’re forced to wear multiple hats which means you will have to learn different functions of the startup instead of getting siloed into whatever department you got hired into. This allows for employees to interact with other individuals, ensure that people are working together and pushes growth (personally and professionally).

One of the things that struck me (unsurprisingly) was the cost of living and just how expensive it is to live in San Francisco. The city is vibrant and the startup feel is contagious. I can see why so many people would move here in spite of the costs.

Here are some more bits that I learned on my first day in San Fran:

-A unicorn is a successful startup
-What you study doesn’t really matter a year after entering the workforce
-You have to be a lifelong learner
-Complacency is your enemy
-Be confident and humble
-Immigrants start more companies and file for more patents than native-born citizens

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