The Golden Opportunity

Adriana Echols

The key way to impact a student, is to take them out of the classroom. A tech savvy Professor, passionate about experiential learning and a diverse group of students, helped pave the way to my future success. I always had a notion that no matter what you study or what career path you choose; business will always be incorporated in some aspect. My goal at Western Michigan University was to study Geography, concentrating in urban and regional planning, to develop and revitalize communities. From my very first trip to California with the TechNext team, I knew that this was the place to be.

This trip has provided me with a new mindset of the tech industry and the way startups function. Having this opportunity to visit startups and connect with alumni is why I think experiential learning is so important to students. I learned that failure is a celebration, which gives you a second chance to get it right, challenge you to think outside of the box, and be uncomfortable. Not only has this opportunity given me insight on the startup community, but has helped me land a job in Silicon Valley, working with Habitat for Humanity doing what I love most.

“Follow your passion and the rest will follow.”
-WMU Alumni Nik Kalyani


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