Maisie Blaukamp

From the moment I got off the plane in San Francisco, the “what ifs” have been constantly flooding through my head. Every place that we have gone and most people that we have met have been so different than what I am used to. But not a bad different. San Francisco and Silicon Valley have an entirely different energy than my hometown; people are busier, more focused, the area is cleaner than any other big city I’ve been to, and the wealth gap of the population is bigger than I’ve ever witnessed. I can’t say whether I’ve decided that one is necessarily better than the other, but I have looked around and thought “What if this was me?”
Each company that we have been to so far left me in awe. Every person employed by these companies truly wanted to be doing exactly what they were doing. They all support each other and want to see one another succeed. The hostile feeling that can sometimes be felt within a company was extremely minimal if not non-existent, which is not always true compared to where I was raised. What if I took a year to come here to learn and get experience? This atmosphere is, and these people are inspiring. I can’t even imagine how much I could learn from an entire year here. I am beyond excited to come back to this city already and discover even more possibilities for myself.

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