Atalie Zimmer

The culture of an organization is really a mixture of all the people who work there. Coming from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and goals. Which is why MemSQL’s diagram was the perfect representation of their company CULTURE (get it? lol). This represented how each individual team member was connected to one another and therefore creating their company.

Company culture is Silicon Valley is like nothing this midwestern woman has ever seen before. Open space environments are a standard. Snacks, catered meals, office dogs, beer on tap are also standard here. But, these perks come with added responsibility. The office culture in Silicon Valley also means that your job title of “Marketing Associate” most likely means your in charge of marketing, sometimes sales, HR, occasionally administration, and whatever else needs to get done to make the business function.

The other interesting part of SV culture is that everyone is willing to help you. This is truly a hub for development.

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