Maisie Blaukamp

While in San Francisco, I learned more about myself personally than I thought was possible within a week’s time span. I was asked multiple times what I would tell somebody like me that might be interested in being on the TechNext Team, and after the week was over, my final answer was to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
Going into this class I had no idea what San Francisco was like, much less how experiencing it would change my life. I wasn’t expecting to feel the level of discomfort that I felt within the first day, but I think that feeling that type of discomfort was something that I’ve been needing to do, and something that everybody needs to do at some point. Amid being out of my element, I learned how to efficiently adapt to different situations and make a name for myself while doing it. I learned that people want to know my thoughts and value my opinions, and I saw more potential in myself than I have ever before. I used to let discomfort shut me down, but while on this trip, I learned how to make discomfort wake me up and push me even harder.
This class and this trip have the strength to benefit any and every student at the University. No matter what the student’s major is, every person can learn and grow from getting outside of their comfort zone and seeing who they are when they aren’t in their ordinary day-to-day lives. Seeing yourself in different light can change your whole mentality. I am more motivated, more self-determined, and more excited for my future. I could not be more grateful for TechNext and for learning that being uncomfortable is truly a blessing in disguise.

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