If you take a student to Silicon Valley: (A story inspired by “If you give a mouse a cookie”)

McKayla Marcola

If you meet a college student they will want real world work experience

If you give a student real world experiences they will want to explore different career options

If you give a student different career options they will want to travel west

If the student travels west they will want to visit Silicon Valley

If you take a student to Silicon Valley then they will want to see a start up,

If you take a student to a start up, then they will want to get a job there

If the student gets a job at a start up they will have lots of job connections

If a student has job connections they will want to share those connections with other students

If the student shares their job connections with other student they will mostly likely get a job in Silicon Valley

In the end if you give a student experiential learning experience they will have a unique skill set and wisdom that they can pass down to other students so they may be successful as well.

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