Elizabeth Gartner – Microsoft

According to Elizabeth she suggests two key focus area’s


  1. Routine has been extremely helpful
    1. Staying away from the news :) and only researching topics if family/friends become concerned and I want to help educate
    2. I made myself a home office. I only sit there when working, and I get up for walks/ lunches / breaks/ etc. 
    3. My team has also been practicing ‘Coffee Talks” for an optional virtual sync daily (similar to walking past each other in the hallway and saying hello). The interactions are not mandatory like our meetings and can be light and fun without an agenda.
    4. Surprisingly, my meeting requests multiplied on my calendar during the first week of work from home. I now actively block buffers into my calendar if my meetings occupy 5.5 hours or more of my day to allow for some productivity. 
    1. Microsoft has recently announced their virtual intern program, and I hope other companies provide the same. Our recruiters are looking ONLINE. 
    2. For those looking for full-time offers, don’t be discouraged. Many companies are scaling back and postponing hiring efforts, but they’ll be back. It would also be fascinating to join a company / organization currently overwhelmed by COVID-19 and volunteer. Get creative and treat this current situation like a case study. Reach out to your network and ask what they need. Can you fill a gap or volunteer your time? Put that on your resume and keep applying to dream jobs in the meantime. I know that I would love to interview someone who was actively involved in helping small/big/public/private temas make it through this global pandemic.



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