Agenda Outline – 09.07.23

  1. Why Academics/Corporates, “on whole” make shitty entrepreneurs and have an inability “on whole” to understand the entrepreneurial environs outside of their narrow slice of life.
      • They focus on the “process they control” vs “action with change”.
      • You will see this – trust me. No one dislikes change more than ??????? types.
  2. Why California? 
      • You have no idea the # of people/including faculty from WMU who have tried to give me a red flag (Define Red Flag) for my failure in not focusing on the entrepreneurial eco system of Michigan.
      • I will give you the hard research…but to those people I never say anything bad about Michigan and Kalamazoo, we have great things, BUT…
      • This naive thought process to me is the equivalent of keeping students down on farm, barefoot and in the kitchen lest they see behind the curtain (Define: “The Curtain)…Or as an alumni
        who called me a “lifer” for living my hometown. LOL all in good fun.
      • Oh..we need to “define a Sycophant” for a deeper discussion of Zip Code Envy – psst lets also define that…
      • Analogy: Lets think about Bands…Are you more likely to be discovered in Mattwan or Nashville?
      • So lets rejoice in the assigned podcast from YC (define YC) pls listen
      • etc etc etc…(Define ETC)
  3. SPAC  and IQT (play it one more time- including the ethics/transparency) Thank you – Amanda our FCL guru
  4. Our Book: Chip Wars ——Vocab Words and Concepts – from our own HR student savant Lady Mia V.  (Define: Savant)

Barcley Top 5 Most Important Words – Front Page of TechNext Web

(And there are many that tied for #5….smile)

  1. Student – This is always #1 – It is why We Exist!
  2. Think – IMHO – The greatest failure of your education is we have not given you a reason or methodology to Think…Most  so called education is nothing more regurgitation.
  3. Future – A great education will prepare one for a World that does not currently Exist!
  4. Serendipity – Did you win the genetic lottery? Right Time, Right Place? Are you really special?
  5. Challenge – A conformist never changed anything