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Oh Yes, How not look like your from a fly over state…

Our #1 to do checklist.

Like all checklist you will be given – submit your progress on the 5th and 20th of each month. Until Totally Done.

Let me be straight-up with just two examples to begin.

A Phd in physics from Stanford will not expect you to be fluent In Quantum computing, but they will expect you philosophize on the importance of “42”.

The subtle fact that a company got its name from a Sci-Fi novel ( for example)and I have a student ask “How did you get your name?”…Yikes…

It is very important to have a flavour (spelled correct) for the 1900’s Sci-Fi cultural heritage of tech.

Do you know the implication of the term “Fly Over State”?


I have added and set-up my free Notion Site+ to put all of my notes for TechNext into. – – Specifically set up a page for “My new word Dictionary”
Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy twice.
And made copious notes into Notion. This includes finding references to 42 from Elon and Mark (assume you know who they are).
I have booked Marked:
Assume you have spent at least 15 minutes – looking at links.
I have Read iRobot
All notes put into Notion. This was given to the chosen on a large mountain named 42…LOL
I have Watched "Dune 1"?
Psst…Yep, Dune seems to be a thing in Cali tech… and there is a reason…
I actually had a student try to bullshit me in class talking about “a promethean moment”…I asked him who was Prometheus? Totally clueless.
Get your feet wet with a PodCast about the role of technology and National Defense…..:
Please keep in mind the main sponsor for our trip to Silicon Valley is a VC that works for Be able to know: PRC, DARPA, DOD, DUI and other acronyms. I suggest putting a transcript on your Notion Site.