Lifetime Impacts – Donate to WMU – Team TechNext

By Opening Apertures!

I can only quote the simple but expansive mission statement of our Alumni Lead Sponsor,  George Hoyem, “Lets open some apertures!”

The core learning of our students is the experiences they gain from  being immersed in the geographic centers of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology on the West Coast.

The vast majority of our students chosen for these trips have experienced minimal travel outside the Midwest. Just that experience puts them ahead of their peers at other midwest universities.

Four ways you can open up apertures for a student

  1. Please attend one of our Alumni Immersion Nights on the West Coast. We want to meet you and it’s great to have Broncos together.
  2. Support our students with financial resources and sponsorships. What a difference it makes when a company hosts a box lunch! Little things help make it happen. Yes funding is our top issue, there is no magic pot of money at WMU for these powerful trips.
  3. Don’t forget our students are prime recruits for jobs and internships! We have the West Coast success stories.
  4. Be a Mentor! Tell your story.

Team “TechNext” Travel
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Yes, 100% of donations go to direct student support.
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