“Fostering the Next Da Vinci”

Our WMU “Team TechNext” Philosophy…

Opening Apertures – Changing Trajectories

It is impossible to teach the importance of creativity and experimentation in technology and life, when so much of academia is built on “What Is!”.

we open students minds by examining the forward possibilities of technology by engaging with technology start-ups on the West Coast.
Team TechNext uses Technology, Alumni Interactions, Travel, Experiential Learning, Allowance of Failure, and Advanced Self Directional Curriculum.

But the most significant part of our team experience is using all these tools to show students the importance of time spent in just “Thinking, What If?”.

Challenge yourself! Join with us.

Barcley Johnson, Faculty Team Lead

Thank You George Hoyem
Our 2018 Team Lead Mentor
Thank You! Sal Mosca @ Microsoft 2018
Thank You! Sal Mosca
@ Microsoft 2018
Thank You Stefan Haney,
Jake Bellenbaum & Stacy Burell
@ Amazon 2018
Amazon success
Thank you! Stacy Burrell @ Amazon 2018
Thank You! MAPD - 2017
Thank You! MapBox - 2017
Lean Startup Conference 2015
Lean Startup Conference 2016
dropbox 2

Thank You! Mitch Walker @ Dropbox Seattle 2018

Thank You Dean Satish Deshpande
CEO Council Lunch 2017
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